The WMS Platform

We offer insight and analysis into personalized wellness information.

Wellness Management Systems provides a comprehensive, HIPAA compliant wellness plan, specifically designed to meet the needs of your employees and your business. Featuring an online-incentive based system, the wellness program guides you and your company through each step toward a healthier, more productive workforce, The online program focuses on four areas: preventive health care, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle management.

Services Provided Include:

Corporate Assessments Creation of a custom, HIPAA compliant wellness plan Employee Assessments
Support Tracking Systems Monthly Wellness Newsletter:
File Manager An Incentive Program Wellness Assessment Reports and Award Reports for employees
Summary Risk Reports for employers Account and User Utilization Reports Other Optional Services

Wellness Consulting (With Corporations)

WMS provides the tools and services to help work with each corporation to define a better wellness plan specific to each corporations needs. We start off with a corporate assessment to determine a baseline of where the corporation is currently and to help define where you want to go. We can follow that up with a customized employee survey to determine satisfaction from each employees view or we can go right into employee wellness assessment to help determine where a corporation needs to focus short term and long term. These services provide a solid base to help define planning and strategy for better decisions to be implemented by the corporation.


Member communications are key to enhancing and reinforcing participation to meet the corporation's goals and objectives. WMS provides a method to continually communicate and reinforce participation for the members. Corporations can determine how often a member will receive communications and reminders but the system will provide the method and determine who will get the notifications in a private and secure manner. We will also provide company wide communications to help inform members of upcoming events and notifications.

Corporate Branding

We offer a complete branding package for companies - assuring lasting impressions and successful marketing strategy.