An Optimized Corporate Wellness Portal

Experience the benefits of our online wellness suite of tools and resources.

Wellness Management Systems has created a comprehensive corporate wellness suite of online tools and resources designed to offer insight and analysis into personalized wellness information. Our platform provides the flexibility needed for organizations to offer a wide variety of programs to meet wellness needs, improve outcomes, maximize participation and to grow with them in the future. The time is now for your company to strike a perfect balance between corporate bottom line and individual wellness.

Our innovative wellness portal includes:
1. Corporate Program Design Consultation
2. Incentive Structuring & Distribution
3. Over 15 Custom Modules
4. Confidential User Reporting
5. Employer Summary Reports
6. On-Going Support

Why Us

Innovative Set of Wellness Services and Platform
We have developed our service around a balanced approach to program design, health and wellness tracking, reporting and analysis. Our focus is on providing the best available set of wellness services and platforms for your members, your corporation or your provider.

15 Custom Modules
To achieve this balanced approach, we have implemented over 15 custom modules designed to meet your wellness needs and increase engagement, participation and your ROI. These custom modules, combined with our on-going support, help to individualize information and the system around each company and each member.

A System Built From The Ground Up
We have developed a unique offering by building our online corporate systems from the ground up to be able to analyze, assess and track results at the same level as your other corporate systems. We provide the information and data services needed to analyze the detailed results you expect in a decision support system that helps drive long term savings.

Benefits of Using Our Company

A Customized Fit
Our platform provides you with a flexible, configurable online and on-site corporate wellness program tailored to your organization's needs. Depending on your organizational environment, certain features, tools and reports may be more effective with your groups. That is where we start.

A Hands-On Approach
We work with your company to develop a corporate wellness program – from start to finish. We survey each member through a wellness profile assessment to gain knowledge of what is needed to become or stay healthy. We work within your budget to set up practical, affordable and successful options. We will also help you set long-term goals.

Ongoing Reporting and Analysis
We continually monitor and reassess the needs of your program to make suggestions for improvement. We want to maximize employee engagement, participation and success.

A Turn Key Solution
Our company provides the hardware, software, service and support that is essential. All you and your members need is a web browser.

Benefits to Business Partners

Speed to Market
Start marketing in as little as 15-45 days

Support and Service
Our online support = ease of use

Increased Reliability and Security
99.9% up-time – Adv. Security & encryption - HIPAA Compliant

Continual R&D
An ever-improving platform at your fingertips
Decreased Up Front Costs
Avoid the costly initial development fees

Decreased Staffing & Management
Why hire internally? We manage for you.

Decreasing Ongoing Costs
No staffing or continuous development costs

Benefits to Customers

These eight items may be a part of your corporate mission.
1. Healthier Employees
2. More Productive Employees
3. Financial Security of Employees
4. Lower Workman Comp Claims
5. Happier Employees
6. Decreased Absenteeism and Presenteeism
7. Decreasing Costs
8. Forecasted Risks

Our Welness Suite of Tools Includes:

1. Wellness Portal
Health Risk Assessment Prevention Tracking Goal Management
Activity Management Screening Biometrics Tracking
Mobile Wellness Tracking Corporate Challenges Self Help Programs
2. Wellness Services
Corporate Assessments Incentive Management Online Service Tickets
Monitoring Network Analysis Program Analysis
Notifications and Reminders Newsletter Management File Management
3. Wellness Consulting
Program Strategy On Site Meetings Employee Webinars
Health Fair Tools Process Analysis & Improvement

WMS Cloud

The WMS Cloud provides a modular approach to your implementation. Pick and choose from 15 modules on two portals to best fit your needs. We are continually adding new tools and modules to plug into our system to help you with future needs.