Assessment Management

Analyze corporate data through corporate and health risk assessments.

Our wellness plan for your company includes corporate assessments. This assessment includes consultation regarding plan design, incentive structure, and distribution, as well as assessing your company's current health status.

Employees can assess their health status by answering questions regarding their health, personal, and family medical history, physical activity, lifestyle behaviors, and diet. Upon completion of the Wellness Profile Assessment, the employee or dependent will receive a Wellness Profile Report. The Report includes a personal health score and detailed information regarding what they are doing well and where they need improvement.

Corporate Asssessment Manager Features

Plan Design
Wellness Management Systems provides a comprehensive wellness plan that includes consultation regarding plan design. Our goal is to implement a plan structure that is customized and fit to meet your company wellness goals.

Incentive Structure
Based upon your corporate assessment results, WMS will assist in implementing a customized incentive structure that fits your company and its needs.

Wellness Benchmark
A benchmark score of your company's wellness status is generated from the corporate assessment.

Based off of your corporate assessment results, our staff will offer numerous reporting option to help in the analysis of your wellness goals, incentive struction, and overall participation and more.

Health Risk Assessment Manager Features

Access Control
We ensure security and privacy through our secure platform. This allows each member to control access to their own information and share their information with coaches or other providers.

Automated Notifications and Messaging
Our system’s Notification Manager enables the sending of periodic reminders and quickly notifies coaches and providers of member requests.

Assessment Updates
Employees can take new assessments as information changes or when an update is requested, and can view side-by-side comparisons of multiple assessments.

Advanced Assessment Technology/Reporting
Employees can review their reports at anytime online. Integrated tools can help employees set wellness goals. The system also provides encrypted information that is specific to an employee’s profile, based on employee responses.

Encrypted User Information
All employee access includes a secure login and personal password.

Assessment Categories
Our wellness assessment includes questions from key categories:

- Biometrics
- Fitness
- History
- Lifestyle
- Nutrition
- Stress
- Workplace

Ratings and Index
Our report gives employees a personal health-risk rating based on their responses in each category. An overall personal health score is generated.